I Want to Model

Option 1

Send us two photos of yourself using the contact form below. (One head shot clearly showing your face and one body shot in a swimsuit or athletic wear) The photos should be something current that shows us what you look like right now. Quick snapshots are fine. If you do not hear back within two business days, it simply means we are not interested in representing you.

— OR —

Option 2

Come in and see us. Even if you send us a photo, we’re going to need to see you in person. Our open call is every Wednesday @ 5pm, at our office in downtown Portland. Please do not come in at any other time without an appointment.

Height Requirement

For our market, a specific height range is generally required. For girls, this is 5’7” to 6’. For guys it’s 5’11” to 6’3”. There are exceptions, but please keep this in mind.



Accepted file types include JPG and PNG. Make sure each image is 3MB or less. Please be patient while your files are being uploaded and sent. On slower internet connections it may take up to several minutes.


Face Shot *
Body Shot *